The Funny Thing About Learning to Drive

…is that you hit stuff.  You do.  Everyone does, well nearly everyone.  My dad was an insurance agent for years, so I have it on very good authority that nearly every sixteen year old crashes their car, or at the very least hits something. Nearly everyone in my extended family is of driving age so there are several stories I have to tell.  I’ll limit them to my favorite four though.

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The Funny Thing About Chickens

During my junior year of college my mother decided that she wanted to get chickens.  She started off, as most people do, with a totally respectable number.  Six.  Six hens who were raised in the house (my room actually since I wasn’t using it) for the the first few weeks of their lives.  So we had six chickens, and once they started laying we got about four eggs a day, and mom seemed happy with that.

Then our neighbor’s dog killed one of the hens.  So mom had to get one to replace it, but she didn’t want one, she wanted several. Then several more.  Then the hens started to go broody and needed eggs to hatch.  As of now, just about two years later, we have over 50 birds.

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