The Funny Thing About Pirates- Part 2

So a few weeks ago I introduced you guys to my childhood gang, The Pirates.  It’s worth mentioning that our younger siblings were relegated to the vastly inferior, thought technically more numerous, Meats.

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The Funny Thing About Pirates (Part 1)

When I was little (around 4 or 5) and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I told them a pirate.  I didn’t actually know what pirates did, I only knew that they sailed around on big ships and got to use guns. So my sister Colleen, my cousin Patrick, and I formed The Pirates. I’ve no doubt I’ll tell more stories of our escapades later but this is the first story I remember from our early days.


It’s a good thing 5 year olds don’t get tattoos because this would have been all over us.

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