Magic Monday- Magic and the Bones (Part 1)

Magic loved bones, as most dogs do, and had several humorous instances with them.


Nom, nom, nom.  Don’t take this from me!

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The Funny Thing About Horses Part 2

Horses are such an important part of my life but I’ve had a hard time thinking of stories to tell that the everyday non horses person would enjoy which is why I don’t talk about them all that often.  However I think I’ve got one that anyone will be able to find the humor in.


All of us trying to keep warm.

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The Funny Thing About Seamus

I spent January of 2013 in Ireland.  I loved, loved, loved it.  We went from Dublin out to the coast and pretty much took a tour around the whole country before ending in Dublin again. There were about 20 students and two professors.


The whole group on our tour of Derry.

There was a girl on the trip named Kylie, and she was one of those people who effortlessly made people feel included and liked.  For some reason that I don’t remember she really wanted to meat a guy named “Seamus” while we were in Ireland. Because she was such a likable person we all soon became aware of her mission and sought to help her achieve her goal.

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The Funny Thing About Walmart

When I was working and living on the East Coast the two girls I worked with, Aria and Paige, and I spent a lot of time together outside work, mostly because two of us were new to the area and didn’t really know anyone else.  Anyway we decided one night that we were hungry and were going to go get food.  However we were kind of in the middle of nowhere and the only place open was Walmart.

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