The Funny Thing About Cleveland

Many many years ago My Aunt and Uncle decided to take my cousins; Patrick, Thomas, and Noel (I don’t remember if Rose was born yet but if she was she was going too) to Disneyland.  But they decided to keep it a surprise.  They told the kids that they were going to visit Noodle and Grampian and us but that was it.

On the drive down my Aunt said to my Uncle something along the lines of, “Don’t you think that part of the fun of a trip is the anticipation?”  He agreed so she said to her kids, “Would you guys rather go to Cleveland or to Disneyland?”

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The Funny Thing About Rope Swings

I was once an annoying child who saw that my neighbor had something fun and decided that I was entitled to it.  In this case my neighbors had a rope swing that went out over a steep hill creating a 20(ish) foot drop when the swing was at it’s highest.  We got permission to use it once and then used it all the time, when the owners weren’t home.  Anyway one day my parents were watching Colleen and I on this swing and the inevitable happened.  I missed the seat and was hanging on by only my hands.  I was four or five at this point and didn’t really have the arm strength to pull myself up, or to hold on.  I tried though and my arms gave out right at the crest of the swing.

In the ensuing fall it occurred to me that I might die.  I didn’t really understand what that meant but I was pretty sure that’s what was going to happen.  Then, WHUMP! I hit the dirt about as close to the neighbor’s burn pile as I could with out landing in it.  I got the wind knocked out of me and a bloody nose.  That’s all.

My parents, who didn’t yet know the extent of my injuries were reacting very differently.  My mom had jumped up and was racing over in a panic.  My dad, who had seen me go up above our roof hanging on the swing, then come crashing back down followed by a huge cloud of dust; was doubled over laughing. It’s a problem he has where when people seem to be terribly hurt he cracks up. This wasn’t a one time thing, it happens quite a bit.

I was a bit sore the next day but other than that I was completely fine.

I hope you leave here laughing.


Magic Monday- Magic and McDonald’s

When we were really young, before John was born, my dad started taking the us to McDonalds or some other fast food joint for breakfast on Sundays, and then to the park or bowling or something else fun, so that mom could have a break from us.  This tradition continues to this day, though now it’s evolved to Dad picking it up and bringing it home for all of us.  Somewhere during the time we stopped all going at eating at the restaurant the dogs, which ever ones we had at the time, started getting to go.  The people who worked at the drive through always gave them treats.

This was a weekly problem for Magic, he hated car rides, but he knew if he didn’t go the other dogs would get food and he wouldn’t.


Sometimes I want to sleep in on Sundays too!

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The Funny Thing About Being the 3rd Favorite Child (Part 1)

I don’t actually believe that I am my parents 3rd favorite child.  It’s just something I say because it drives them crazy and I have quite a bit of anecdotal proof that it’s true.  But just so we’re clear it’s not something I actually think.

I honestly don’t remember how old I was when this story took place, I guess I was about twelve but it’s totally possibly that someone in my family is going to text me and say I was ten or fourteen.  If that happens I’ll let you guys know.

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